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November 21, 1968, Modesto, California--Radio Man-- <br />
Wellesley Richard "Dick" Boynton was the news editor at KBEE AM, The Modesto Bee's sister radio station.  In November 1968, Dick volunteered to be my subject for a day-in-the-life-of-a-radio-reporter story.  My goal was to improve my story-telling skills.  I asked Dick to just do his job and ignore me.  We met at 6 a.m. at the Stanislaus County jail to get booking information then were off to Modesto Police Department to read the police logs.  At MPD, we discovered a big story was unfolding.  Stanislaus County Superintendent of Schools Fred Beyer and his deputy Joseph Howard had died the night before in a plane crash coming back from Fresno.  Making images was easy under these circumstances: I just followed Dick as he worked.  I moved in and out while Dick ignored me, just as I had asked.  When he finally sat down to write copy, he talked aloud and banged away on his typewriter.  Next thing I knew, he was on the air broadcasting the news.<br />
Boynton worked as the news editor for KBEE for nearly a decade under managers Roy Swanson and Ed Boyle.  Earlier in his career, his deep, resonant voice was heard on the airwaves at KWG in Stockton.  Boynton had also worked as a newsman for radio stations in Salinas and San Diego.  Among racing fans, Dick was known as a winning driver of dragsters and super-stock cars.<br />
In September 1986, Dick Boynton ended his own life. Some said he was despondent over being laid off from KBEE.  Photo by AL Golub/Golub Photography
Al Golub, Golub Photography