1976 Valley Boys

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Modesto, California 1976 Valley Boys:  This band formed when Tom Romano the lead vocalist left for radio job in Sacramento.  They were signed to a five-year contract with former members of Credence Clearwater.  The created a couple of albums of material but no major record deal occurred so at the end of the contact members went their separate way.  Members are:<br />
Gary Potterton, lead guitar and vocals<br />
Doug Mathew Corrigan, drums and vocals<br />
Roger Roath, guitar and Vocals<br />
Doug Giddens, bass guitar and vocals<br />
Gary and Doug Corrigan are still close and have worked together on several projects.  In 1984 they recorded Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer with Doug Giddens and Elmo & Patsy.  Doug Giddens died in 1993.  Gary is the lead guitar for the California Cowboys.  <br />
 Photo by Al Golub
Al Golub, Golub Photography al@golubphoto.com